The Scrap Easy Metal & Plastic Recycling App for Anyone Wanting to Find, Get Rid, Buy, Sell or Trade Scrap Metals & Plastics.

1. Register as a SCRAP BUSINESS so that your Business can get found easily on our Map.


Register Now to get your Scrap Business on the Map for Free!

1 Month Free Trial Available Now! (No Payments Taken).

Trial Your Business Trading Dashboard Free for 1 Month.

Subscription required to use your Trading Dashboard after your 1 Month Trial.

*Buy & Sell Trade Scrap.

*Sell Individual Items like Vehicle Parts on your Dashboard to Trade & The General Public.

1 Month Free Trial - 6 Months: £12 - 12 Months: £24

Easy to Use Dashboard.

Buy, Sell, Trade: Trade Stock with other Scrap Businneses Local, National or Internationally.

Find New Trusted Trading Partners easily on our Search Map.

Add & Update your Prices for Your Customers on your Dashboard in Seconds.

Add Individual Sale Items with Photos & Description Quickly & Easily, No Computers Required.

Switch Role in your Dashboard so you can View all Sections of the App.

Get found Easily on our App Map by New Customers.

Direct Link to your Website & Email.

Scrap Yards: Every time a Scrap Collector Gets Information for a Scrap Collection there is an Alert for Nearby Scrap Businesses, getting your Business found.

Subscribe on the App Now to Start Trading Straight Away.

No Faster way of being Found - Attracting New Customers - Buy/Sell/Trade.

Annual Subscription Fee Applies for using Your Trading Dashboard: Contact us for more Information. (1 Month Free Trail, then 6 Months: £12 - 12 Months £24).

2a. Register as a SCRAP FINDER if you would  like information about where to Find Scrap for FREE.

The New Easy Way to find Scrap Metal & Plastic.


Register Yourself as a Scrap Collector then keep an eye on The map for New Scrap in Your Area, turn Your Alerts on in Your Profile (FREE Credits Until Further Notice for Domestic Jobs - Red Markers on The Map, Some Commercial Jobs will be FREE, click the Green Markers on the Map to check).


Find Scrap in your Search Area by clicking on the Red or Green Icons on the Search Map for FREE.

First Come, First Served so Keep an Eye on the Map & set Your Notifications to Alert of New Scrap in Your Area.

Great New way of finding more Business, Scrap Metals & Plastics.

Register Now to get 100 Free Credits, top up Credits are Free until further notice (Email us when Your Credits Run Out).

2b. You are looking to Buy Trade Scrap or Vehicle Parts from a Scrap Business.

Go to The Scrap Map & Click on A Scrap Business in Your Area (Gold & Red Icons on the Map) to see what Stock they have on their Trading Dashboard.

3. Register as a COMMERCIAL USER if you would like Business Scrap Metals & Plastics Collected for FREE. 

Safe Reliable way of getting your Scrap Collected: Best Prices Paid if Applicable.

Easy to use Dashboard: Order a Collection in Seconds.

Schools, Colleges, Factories, Businesses, Garages, Hospitals, Government Departments,

Farms, Shops, Restaurants, Property Management, Bars, Amusement Parks etc.

Safe Reliable way of getting your Scrap Metals & Plastics Collected.

4. Register as a STANDARD USER if you would like Household/Domestic Scrap Metal Only Collected for FREE. 

See Example Screens on Videos: Video Link in Menu at Top




Scrap Easy is part of Easy Apps Ltd

We are currently working on 4 other Apps to help Recycle the Planet:

Cardboard - Oils - Rubbish - Salvage



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